Par Putt? Don't Make It, Bogey Lag It !
Or How To Shoot A Bogey Round

I. Approach shots:

A. Never attempt to fly your ball to the green. Trouble lurks in every direction.

* Bunkers
* Water
* Rough
* Steep terrain
* Cart Paths
* Out of Bounds

B. Play the club you know you can hit straight, but will come up short.

C. Land safely in the fairway where you can chip on and then two-putt for a certain BOGEY.



II. Putting:

A. Don't ever try to make a par putt. You might hit it too hard and roll several feet past the hole. Then you have a tough one coming back.

B. The proper technique to use is the lag. Just lag it up to the cup, stopping just short of dropping in. This is a fool-proof method of always making bogey. Your next shot will be a simple tap-in, and you have avoided the dreaded DOUBLE BOGEY!

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Updated 14th of March, 2005.